Yosh (dayosh) wrote in anime_haven,

I remember what I was going to say =)

I was going to give you all a list of my top 5 animes

1., and 2. are hellsing and haibane renmei and hellsing not sure which one is which, they are both great =)

3.those who hunt elves

4. Record of lodoss war chronicle of the heroic knight

and 5. is rayerth 2

now that actually changes everytime I think about it =p so I am going to leave it like that =)

but yea =)

SNARF! and stuff buh bye
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I looooove Hellsing. Alucard *droolage* >.> my ezboard.com name is dedicated to seras >.> hehe
Yea Hellsing is great alucard is awsome I think I like him in a different way though but hey =p

I was going to go to this upcoming otakon as walter but my friends who were going to do the rest of the group chickened out and walter all by himself... I dont think so...